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Important: The discussion forums have been taken offline as of Jul 19, 2013, as the contents are transitioned to the new site and format. The site redesign is on schedule, and is expected to be completely finished and online no later than July 31, 2013. Thanks for your patience!

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Want to help make a better place? Now is your chance! We are beginning the process of redesigning the site, and want YOUR input! Simply click on the 'Contact Us' menu item to send us your feedback and suggestions regarding what you want to see more or less of, as well as anything else on your mind.

Delta Ranks Last Among Major Carriers in Customer Service PDF Print E-mail

After Delta Airlines ranked last among major carriers in customer service for three quarters last year (Really?!? Who knew?), 11,000 employees are being sent to 'charm school.'

Delta Kills Kitten, Offers Owner $50 PDF Print E-mail

Who doesn't value a cute kitty? Delta, apparently. Delta killed a cat it was transporting and offered the owner $50 for doing it. Delta killed the cat by allowing it to freeze in a cargo hold, and then decided that they were going to give the owner a per-pound refund
for the cat.

Even the Pilots Think Delta Sucks PDF Print E-mail

Washington — Two pilots who overshot their intended airport insist they didn't fall asleep, but were instead involved in a heated discussion of airline policy. Get a clue, dudes: DELTA SUCKS!

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Which major U.S. airline do you think SUCKS more?
What is your opinion of airport security now?
How would you classify the demeanor of the Delta employee you most recently interacted with?

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